Hallie Claw's design for "Radioactive Man: The Animated Series."

Hallie Claw is a fictional character, a villainess in the Radioactive Man universe. Paul Dini (fictionally) created her for "Radioactive Man: The Animated Series" a fictional 1990s cartoon on which Dini "served" as story editor. As the series clearly references Batman: The Animated Series, Hallie Claw closely resembles Harley Quinn.

Hallie acted as Dr. Crab's assistant and girlfriend. As the series' comic relief, she would continually nag Crab, whine, and complicate his attempts to kill his adversaries Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. She would eventually make her way into the Radioactive Man comics, but ended up dying in the latest Calamity on Infinite Bongos crossover event when Futurama's Nibbler swallowed her whole. The crossover subsequently retconned her out of existence.[1]


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