Hypno Head
Hypno Head's Skybox Series II trading card.
Character Information
Real Name Irvin Ives
Nickname(s) Hyppie
Powers Hypnosis, mental blasts

Hypno Head is a fictional character and villain, a recurring antagonist to Radioactive Man.

Fictional BiographyEdit

At age seven, Irvin Ives sent away for a free hypnosis kit advertised on the back of a comic book. The kit gave him hypnotic powers that he used to hypnotize his way to success as a pop psychologist, weight loss counselor, and supervillain. He first appeared in Radioactive Man #52 in June 1959, and he rose in prominence to become Radioactive Man's second-greatest foe behind Dr. Crab.[1] He developed a virulently anti-American mentality, desiring to overthrow the United States government and install himself as president.

At one point, he took a false alias as a spiritual guru, the Reverend Dim Sum Spoon, and employing Larceny Lass and Jawbreaker, he spread his hypnosis throughout Zenith under the guise of peaceful gatherings he called "Spoon-Ins." He managed to enthrall most of the city's hippie community—including Dodd Runtledge—and even captured Radioactive Man, Bleeding Heart, and Black Partridge. Nevertheless, Dodd's brother Fallout Boy managed to free them all and defeat Hypno Head. Radioactive Man had Hypno Head and his minions sent to the Upstate Correctional Institute, specifically the Costumed Criminal Masterminds and Henchmen cell block.[2]


Hypno Head has the power to hypnotize people just by looking at them and making hypnotic hand gestures. His power only works on humans,[3] but he can control several at once. He has also demonstrated an ability to fire "mental blasts," which have real concussive force.[4]

Hypno Head has hypnotic powers so strong that he once held the entire town of Zenith under his thrall, causing them to mistake themselves for street mimes.[1] In Radioactive Man #456, he used a mind-control ray to change Fallout Boy's loyalty, driving Fallout Boy to work with Dr. Crab until Radioactive Man snapped him out of it.[1]


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