Larva Girl preparing to marry Radioactive Man. A Skybox Series II trading card of Radioactive Man #72.

Larva Girl is a fictional character, a recurring antagonist and enemy of Radioactive Man.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Throughout her criminal career, insectoid villainess Larva Girl has tried to win the hand of a superhero, as she believes that if she marries one and turns him to her side, nobody will remain who can stop the crime sprees she wreaks with her army of Maggot-Men.[1] She initially tried to marry Captain Squid, and nearly succeeded on one occasion in Captain Squid Comics #47, teaming up with him to reverse the earth's orbit. Eventually, she moved to the Zenith City Dump and refocused her efforts on Radioactive Man.

In Radioactive Man #72 (January 1961), she kidnapped Fallout Boy and manipulated Radioactive Man into collecting gems from the Planet Remitrom, the radiation of which caused him to fall in love with her. The wedding almost took place until Radioactive Man's longtime love interest Gloria Grand kissed him with a serum that cured his brainwashing. Now thinking for himself, Radioactive Man alongside the Superior Squad soundly defeated Larva Girl and her villainous friends.[2]


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