Mufelatto debuts in Simpsons Super Spectacular #5.

Mufelatto the Aliment Man is a fictional character, a villain and onetime foe of Radioactive Man. The character spoofs Metamorpho the Element Man, both of whom artist Ramona Fradon co-created.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Mufelatto started as Bob the delivery boy. One night, he made a routine grocery delivery to Blather Laboratories, employer of Claude Kane II and his jealous assistant, Byron Bragg. While the two bickered, they accidentally knocked Bob into a vat of acid along with his food delivery, morphing Bob into Mufelatto, a character made entirely of food.

Byron Bragg then attempted to auction Mufelatto's talents to various "captains of industry" for their own nefarious plans. Bragg's plans got cut short when his daughter Beryl, a sitophiliac, fell in love with the hapless quondam delivery boy. This raised the ire of Bragg's chef, Jawa, who had feelings of unrequited love for Beryl. In retaliation, Jawa manipulated Radioactive Man into fighting Mufelatto. Radioactive Man eventually defeated Mufelatto by radiating enough heat to undo Mufelatto's chemical transformation, reverting him back to Bob the delivery boy.

This reversion left Bob without superpowers, a job, or the love of Beryl. In his civilian identity as Claude Kane III, Radioactive Man took pity on Bob and got him a job as a human billboard.


Mufelatto could transform any part of his body into any kind of food, including meats, vegetables, beverages, and even prepared items like bread.[1]


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