Plasmo the Mystic
Plasmo in Bongo Super-Heroes #7.
Character Information
Real Name Norris Normal
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squad
Nickname(s) Plas
Powers Telekinesis, telepathy, psychic healing, sorcery

Plasmo the Mystic is a fictional character, a mystical superhero and member of the Superior Squad. In keeping with the tendency of the Radioactive Man universe to parody existing comics, Plasmo exists as a parody of Doctor Strange with a scarred, always-hidden face much like Doctor Doom.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Plasmo debuted in January 1955 in Normal Tales #110 as Dr. Norris Normal, a plastic surgeon hiking in the Himalayas in search of an ancient Tibetan wrinkle cream to restore his youthful appearance. Instead, an avalanche disfigured his face and severely injured him. He found help in the hidden valley of Trala-La, where he was nursed back to health in a citadel. While there, he learned sorcery from his new master, the Decrepit One, alongside his future enemy, LeBaron Fordor. He would return to America and join the Superior Squad as Plasmo the Mystic, a magical superhero who hides his horribly scarred face from all.[1][2]

He resides in Zenith City in his home, which he calls the Sanctimonious Sanctum Sanctorum,[3] a suburban house at 10 Fairweather Lane[2] (an address he somehow later covered up[4]). He has, at times, employed a valet named Cheech who takes messages for him in his (frequent) absences. He communicates to the other Superior Squad members through astral projection or the Eldritch Emerald that he wears on his chest.[3][4]


Like most sorcerer superheroes, Plasmo's powers remain nebulous and vaguely defined. He can use his mind to hover,[2] heal, move objects, read the minds of others, or guess a person's weight to within two pounds.[1] He has other powers invoked through incantations. Through these incantations, he has…

  • Blown up a robot's head.[5]
  • Opened inter-dimensional gateways.[6]
  • Induced unconsciousness.[7]


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