Nega-Pneumatica in Radioactive Man #679.
Character Information
Real Name Camellia Kane
Powers Superhuman strength, metal body

Pneumatica is a fictional character, a recurring antagonist in the Radioactive Man universe.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Camellia Kane is the wife of Claude Kane II and the mother of Claude Kane III, and she worked as an aviatrix. Unbeknownst to her family, she put her piloting talents to work for the government. In 1940, telling her family she planned to go on a trip around the world, she in fact went on a secret mission.

During this mission, the Japanese shot her plane down. They moved her badly injured body to Berlin, where Dr. Crab—at the time a Nazi scientist—moved her brain into the body of a robot, making her into Pneumatica. The Nazis then brainwashed her, robbing her of her willpower and memories. Like Crab himself, she became one of Radioactive Man's greatest enemies, neither of them realizing they were mother and son.

In 1995, another villain, Radioactive Worm, tried to manipulate Pneumatica into attacking Radioactive Man, while at the same time working with Dr. Crab on a "Regresso Ray" that would render their adversary powerless. The Regresso Ray worked, but the plan backfired, allowing Radioactive Man to defeat his foes and giving both him and Pneumatica back their memories. Pneumatica then joyously reunited with her long-lost son and husband.[1]


Nega-Pneumatica is Pneumatica's counterpart in the Negativityverse. At one point, Richard Nixon used a simulacrum of the Negativityverse and Nega-Pneumatica to have the Superior Squad discredit themselves attempting to fight the holographic threat. Working as a team, the heroes beheaded the fake Nega-Pneumatica, but the head unfortunately fell on Glowy, killing him.[2]

This version of Pneumatica looks identical to the main one, except much bigger.


Pneumatica consists of a robot with superhuman strength and an extremely durable body, operated by a human brain. Despite the human brain operating the body, Pneumatica often appears under the control of other malicious parties such as Richard Nixon or Radioactive Worm. She only fully regained her memories and free will after her husband deduced her identity and made her remember.[1]

Nega-Pneumatica has the same body and power set as her counterpart, but at a much larger size.[2]


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