Radio Man
Radio Man from Radioactive Man #197.
Character Information
Real Name Clarence Kane
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squadron
Nickname(s) Antennae Head
Powers Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed



Mild Invulnerability

Control Of Radio Waves

Radio Man is a fictional character, an in-universe precursor to Radioactive Man.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Within The SimpsonsEdit

Morty Mann created Radio Man circa 1939 and wrote a number of comics including the character. He would later retool the character and make him into Radioactive Man.[1] In this sense, Radio Man parodies "prototypical" superheroes such as the android Human Torch or Zatara.

Comics BiographyEdit

Radio Man's origin story parodies that of Captain Marvel. In his alter ego as Clarence Kane, Radio Man originally worked for WZEN as a cub radio reporter, where he had a crush on news reader Glenda Grand.[2] A fateful encounter with a mysterious radio repairman in a subway gave him power over radio waves and made him Radio Man, scourge of Nazis and other evildoers and master of the airwaves. Unlike his successor, he doesn't have any shrapnel stuck in his brain; his antenna serves as merely part of his costume.[3]

Like Radioactive Man, Radio Man has a very regressive worldview. For instance, he doesn't take television seriously as a rival to radio. As Radioactive Man uses "jumpin' jeepers" as his catchphrase, Radio Man says, "Sizzlin' short-waves." Radio Man's whereabouts following the beginning of the television age remain unknown.[2]


Radio Man can both manipulate airwaves and transmit airwaves of his own. He has some super strength and flight, but not as much as Radioactive Man.[2][3]


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