Radioactive Ape
Radioactive Ape in Radioactive Man #679.
Character Information
Real Name Grrk-Grrk
Group Affiliation(s) Secret Society of Super-Simians
Powers Superhuman strength, superhuman durability, flight

Radioactive Ape is a fictional character, a simian hero and ally of Radioactive Man.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Prince Grrk-Grrk lives in the tribal palace in Simian City deep in the dark continent, a lost city of intelligent, bipedal apes. These apes got their evolutionary advancement from a radioactive ore known as "gorillum" hidden deep under the city. Claude Kane visited the city right around the time a band of evil geologists tried to invade and steal all the gorillum.

As Radioactive Man, Claude routed the rapacious scientists with Grrk-Grrk's help, but in the process, Grrk-Grrk got exposed to radiation from a uranium vein.[1] (Radioactive Man #37 in July 1957 would retcon this as a xeno-ray bomb.) This gave Radioactive Ape powers very similar to those of his benefactor, including a lightning-bolt shaped piece of shrapnel that spontaneously grew out of his head. He used these powers to help the rest of his tribe and turn Simian City into a jungle utopia for apes.

Radioactive Ape's life in Simian City closely parallels that of Radioactive Man in Zenith City. Two female gorilla reporters—Grrla-G'rrl (who looks like a simian version of Gloria Grand) and Gl'mma Gr'lla (who resembles Gretchen Grille)—have an infatuation with him, he lives opulently in his village, and meets monthly with the other ape heroes of the Secret Society of Super-Simians. He even has his own rogues gallery in the form of the Legion of Furry Foes.[2]


Radioactive Ape has roughly the same powers as Radioactive Man. Because his powers come from xeno rays, he has a special susceptibility to Brain-O's xeno ray cannon. It causes him to mutate randomly.[2]


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