Radioactive Man Re-Rises

Radioactive Man Re-Rises is a film in the Simpsons universe, the latest iteration of the universe's Radioactive Man franchise. Viewers refer to the film as a "de-boot," since it undoes the events of the previous film reboot.

Re-Rises Suit

Radioactive Man as he appears in the film.

The film makes sweeping changes to Radioactive Man's powers and backstory, while also setting up for sequels. In the film, his power comes from his suit. While it slowly kills him, he will die if he stops wearing it. This Radioactive Man comes from the future, a memory that haunts him. To counteract this, he ultimately erases his own memory.

This movie introduces a new villain: The Collider. According to its official Krusty Burger toy, the Collider becomes a hero and comes back to life after the credits. At one point in the film, circumstances force Radioactive Man to use time particles from the Chrono-cube to kill his "anti-matter twin." This also causes him to mortally would his pregnant girlfriend.[1]

The film's marketing had a large action figure line, including Fallout Boy, Citizen Solar, Wind Lad, and the Fossil Fuel Four. This suggests that they may have appeared in the film as well.[2]