The exterior of the Westinger House.

The Westinger House (also called the House of Westinger) is a fictional place, a mansion in the Radioactive Man universe. Based on the Winchester Mystery House, it boasts an extremely circuitous floor plan and magical effects keyed to each room.

The house originally existed as an ordinary two-story house. At one point, an extraterrestrial television producer named Zortimer from the planet Xreff got the idea to make the house a setting for a reality show. He came to Earth and—under the guise of a real estate agent named Morton Westinger—had the house built as a "haunted house" setting for a reality series aimed at a Xreffian audience. "Westinger" had random wings and additions continually added to the house. He returned to Xreff, leaving his employee Zelson to supervise construction whilst disguised as its groundskeeper.


The interior of the Westinger House.

The resulting TV series enjoyed great popularity on Xreff, and the mansion enjoyed popularity as a tourist trap for unwitting Earthlings. After three years, ratings began to decline. To recover, Zortimer furtively installed devices that would transform the molecular structure of Earthlings. This caused Radioactive Man and Gloria Grand to investigate. Radioactive Man ultimately discovered the cause of the transformations. He had the aliens banished, the TV show canceled, and the mansion shuttered.[1]


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