Zortimer in Simpsons Super Spectacular #7.

is a fictional character, an extraterrestrial television producer from the planet Xreff.

Xreffians have always had great interest in Earth and its denizens, and TV shows featuring Earthlings have traditionally become big hits on Xreff. Zortimer exploited this popularity by starting a hidden camera show taking place in a haunted house on Earth.

To create the haunted house, Zortimer came to Earth under the guise of Morton Westinger, an eccentric real estate agent. Zortimer/"Westinger" took an ordinary two-bedroom house and had wings and rooms continually added thereto, forming the Westinger House. He left his employee Zelson stationed on the Westinger grounds to supervise construction whilst disguised as a groundskeeper.

Ratings for the resulting show remained strong for three years. When they started to wane, Zortimer boosted interest by furtively installing devices that would transform the molecular structure of humans, turning humans into all sorts of bizarre creatures, each transformation having its own room. This prompted Radioactive Man to investigate.

Radioactive Man eventually discovered the ruse. He had the aliens expelled and the mansion shuttered. As a result, Zortimer's boss demoted Zortimer to a guest star on a new blooper show hosted by Zelson.[1]


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